Neon Speaker Rings w/ Music Controller

Neon Speaker Rings Set  - Round 8" 10" 12" 15"
Neon Speaker Rings Inhance Subs with neon lighting


Light up YOUR speakers & sub-woofers with Neon SPEAKER RINGS
This cool new product is made with a patented design that protects the neon glass from breakage - Each Speaker Ring Set includes the following: Two (2) neon rings with injection molded clear acrysteel covers.

One neon transformer with a BUILT-IN MUSIC INTERFACE(flashes to the beat of the music) Sensitivity adjustment knob. Vibration proof mounting hardware engineered to resist breakage(From "low bass")

Three way ON-OFF PULSE switch... Installation instructions and diagrams...

Colors available are: PURPLE, PINK, RED, GREEN & NEO-BLUE
Installation time: 1/2 -1 Hour Neon Installation Directions