Boss Car Amps 2004 Powerdive, Rip, IQ, Riot, & Chaos

Boss Car Amps
BLADE-EXxtreme -Do you have what it takes to Win a IASCA sound off competition? On the SPL competition circuit the players use a ton of power on each of their subwoofers. Powerdrive Amplifiers have what it takes to shatter world records. Low Impedance loads are easily handled with its Ohm stable operation. These Comp amps are equipped with power meters to monitor levels and internal fans to keep things cool. The PD-4000 pushes 1,500 watts RMS x 2 @ 1 ohm
BLADE-use advanced circuits and handpicked components to pump high power from a compact design that fits the space requirements of demanding import tuners. These full featured amps include built-in variable high and low pass crossovers, variable phase adjustments, and remote subwoofer level controls. All models (except IQ3KD.1) are bridgeable with line outputs for system expansion and high level inputs.
Riot GT Series-RIOT power amplifiers high-end chassis with classic looks and a fully-loaded feature package: Built-in electronic crossovers allow custom sound quality, bass boost w/ added remote subwoofer bass control, and MOSFET power supplies provide excellent response and durability
Ripper Series-Chrome & Gold accents, VU power meters and cooling fans, remote subwoofer level control, Built-in Ground block for easy and secure connections,variable phase adjustment compensates for ideal speaker placement to enhance performance.