LED Underbody Kits - 4pc Leds Kit Vs Neons

LED Underbody Kits - 4pc Leds Kit Vs Neons
Led Underbody Kits are the newest in Underbody Lighting. New for 2006'. These kits are more durable and brighter than neon underbody kits. Wide 180 degree Angled LEDs provide a seamless and dotless GLOW that glows intensly in the street. LOOKs brighter and smooth like NEON..Pic is an Example of OUR NEW 6Pc LED KIT

4pc Underbody LED Lighting Kits - [ME II]
TESTED Briter than Liteglow
6 pc Underbody LEDS -  [Mobile-Emotion] Series
New 6 pc LED Kit
4pc Underbody LED Kits
2004 Old style., check out MEII version, wideangle 180* degree, no more LED SPOTTING AND DOTTING [looks smooth like Neon]
 VARAD Underbody LED Kits - Brighter than Neon
2(48")& 24" Add-on Rods