Green Energy - LED Lighting

Outdoor / Indoor LED Bulb Lighting
LED Lighting is the GREEN WAY to save Energy. Saves money, energy and saves the planet at the same time. Outdoor flexible waterproof lighting, Spot Lighting, Halogen Replacement Bulbs, Lamp Bulbs, and Fluorescent bulb replacements. (No UV, Mercury or Radiation). The latest in LED Technology Lighting. These look better and more natural than ever before. While a standard light bulb lasts only 2,000 Hrs and consumes anywhere from 40-300watts of energy.

Led bulbs will last up to 50,000 Hrs - (5+ years), while using ONLY 5 to 10watts ea.

(By replacing all your old bulbs with LED Lighting Bulbs you'll save enough money off the energy bill, it'll cover the cost of these bulbs in nearly 12 months) Also, saves the enviroment 50 bulbs (EA, per socket), plus Tens of Thousands of pounds of CO2