Hyper Bright Alarm LED Lights

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High visibility LED prevent break-ins before they happen. You just spent big bucks for an alarm that chirps, squeals, warbles, tracks, senses, and pages. By the time any of this happens, your windows are broken! Consider visual theft deterrence. HYPER LEDs the answer. Chose the hyper bright LED, you'll have greater protection from a traditional dash mount LED.
Introducing Hyper LED's w/ Gallium Nitride. The latest breakthrough technology in LED lighting. At 3.6CD these LED's will shower the interior of your vehicle with RED. All this is achieved with only 15ma current draw.
Replace the existing alarm LED with this hyper bright LED. (Only 2 wire hook up.)
You can also use it without alarm system. (3 wire hook up)
Hyper LED will activate when engine is turned off or key is removed. (You can hook up more than one of these LEDs.) They keep flashing when it is activate.
Install it anywhere get creative and use your imagination.