Varad Aero Alarm LED Scanner Red w/Seven LEDs 5 display patterns with variable speeds

Varad Aero Alarm LED Scanner RED
Varad Aero Alarm LED Scanner RED
Item# VS4000 Red

Product Description:

Varad's Aero LED scanners let everybody know that you're protected, with higher visibility than traditional single LEDs. You can adjust the seven LEDs to display 5 different patterns with variable speeds, warning off potential thieves and styling up your interior.
Flashing LED patterns are as follows:
  • Led goes back and forth
  • 2 LEDs come toward each other, then go back
  • 3 LEDs go back and forth
  • Middle LED lights, then others light from center out
  • LEDs go towards the center, then all 7 LEDs flash
    Pattern Change:
    You can hold the pattern button down for 3 seconds to change the current pattern from slow to fast, or vice-versa.
    Can be used with or without alarm for interior effects