Universal Car Alarm w/COLOR LCD Pager - CRIMESTOPPPER2

Universal Car Alarm w/ COLOR LCD Pager CS2 Crimestopper
Universal Car Alarm w/ COLOR LCD Pager CS2 Crimestopper
Item# Crimestopper2

Product Description:

Universal Car Alarm w/ COLOR LCD Pager --- Why have an alarm system in your car if you are unable to know when your alarm is set off? This little beauty will page you and show the affected area on the Color LCD. Compatable with all 12v Auto power supplies. Can be used in addition to your already existing car alarm.
  • LCD PAGE OUT CALL FEATURE: Can send a page from car to someone holding pager.
  • LCD SENSOR: May add on additional sensors
  • LCD SHOCK: Shows Car being affected from external location
  • LCD LIGHT IMPACT MODE: Indication of a Bump or Impact
  • LCD WARNING: Touched/Lean on Indicator (keeps people from touching your car)
  • AUX: Can be hooked up to your existing car alarm
  • LCD PAGER STATUS: PAGER ON: Flashing Icon (2 sec. Intervals)
  • LCD PAGER OFF: Icon Dissapears (most of the remotes have a car painted on the remote) This one has animation!
  • LCD DOOR: Door open Indication
  • LCD TRUNK: Trunk open Indication
  • LCD RUN: Indication of Optional Sensor Activated
  • DIMENSIONS: 2"IN x 1.5" IN (Extremely Small)

    Operation Menu:

    Easy to navagate press button turns receiver "ON" , Holding it down for a few seconds will turn "OFF" the power. Has Clear Audible/Vibration Alert Button and can easily be programmed with the operation manual.