Pioneer 16 Pin Wire Harness PI16E00_16PIN - For Pioneer Cassettes Decks 16 Pin Pioneer Radio Wire Harness Plug

Pioneer Wire Harness 16Pin Plugs into Radio - Cassette
Pioneer Wire Harness 16Pin Plugs into Radio - Cassette
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16 PIN Wire Harness to Plug into Pioneer STEREOS Plugs DIRECTLY into Aftermarket Radio

Use when installing an pioneer stereo into car without cutting wires!

Plugs into select 16PIN pioneer Stereos / DVD Players / Indash Units

16 PIN Cable - WILL WORK W/ ALL 16 PIN MODELS Listed Below

Wires are 7" in length - This harness is for Aftermarket RADIO [THE WIRE HARNESS] that plugs directly into the back of stereo - Easy Wiring w/ Directions Tired of looking at spaghetti? End the hassles & guess work of hooking up your new head unit.

Easily hook up car stereos like a pro (Saves time and money)

Wire Harnesses are designed with the installer in mind.

The purpose of a wire harness is to allow installers a way to connect an after-market radio into a vehicle without having to cut factory harness.

Our Wire harnesses are standard E.I.A color coded, no more guessing, no more mistakes, no more mess.

Professional results every time!


Fits models Below:
Models that work with this Harness
  • KEH-P10
  • KEH-P1010
  • KEH-P2030
  • KEH-P2035
  • KEH-P4020