Professional Dual CD Player with MP3 Pyle PDCD6000MP3

Pyle Professional Dual CD Player with MP3 PDCD6000MP3
Pyle Professional Dual CD Player with MP3 PDCD6000MP3
Item# PDCD6000MP3

Product Description:

Model  PDCD600MP3
Brand  PylePro
Category  Professional CD Players
MSRP  $1,359.00
Warranty  3 Year

  • Compatible with CDDA & MP3 music, playback from both CD Disc & SM Card
  • USB 1.1 interface to download files from a computer
  • Dual Slot- in CD Loader
  • Cue recall memory, Continue/Single/Outro Cue
  • (Allows play of complete disc or 1 track only, return to pause at Cue, & review)
  • 8 selectable sound effects
  •   (Scratch, Brake, Flanger, Echo, Filter, Pan, Chop, & Reverse)
  • Scratch & Brake can be affected with other effects.
  • Effect hold, Effect Parameter
  • Two sets of seamless Loop
  • BOP Feature (Play from a memorized point instantly when button is pressed)
  • Sleep feature will shut down the unit after 30 mins of it not being used
  • Disc relay(automatically switch playback between the two units)
  • 10 sec anti-shock mechanism, instant start with in 0.015 second
  • 28 programmable track selectable
  • Pitch Bend, Pitch Control (8%,16%, 25%, & 100%)
  • Track Select, Direct Key's, +10, Search, Time/Stop, Play/Pause,
  • BPM (Beat Speed Counter Man/Auto)
  • Controller: 19"W x 3.5"H x 1.6"D
  • Main Unit: 19"W x 3.5"H x 12.9"D