Neon Car to Home Converter Wall Plug

Convert Car Neons to Home Neons
Convert Car Neons to Home Neons
Item# ac-dc-wplug1000ma

Product Description:

Use your Car Neons in your home
Cheap and easy way to gain that ambience for your next party
Just plug Into your wall and have Instant Neon EFFECTS
  • Use your car neons for lighting up your next party
  • Safe for up to 4 neon/LED light rods

  • 1. Set the voltage to 12 volts (like your car)
  • 2. Cut of one of the wire ends (anyone is fine)
  • 3. Connect all 4 of the neon wires of the same color/style together
  • 4. Connect the other 4 wires similar wires on the neon together.
  • 5. Connect white stripe wire on the power plug to the white or striped wire on the neons.
  • 6. Connect the black wire on the plug to the neon black wires.
  • 7. Tape the wires so they don't cross - electrical tape recommended
  • 8. Plug the plug into the wall
  • 9. There is a polarity switch, if the lights don't light up move it to the other position.