High Quality 5x7 car speakers by MB Quart

MBQUART 5" x 7" Car Speakers, DKD157
MBQUART 5" x 7" Car Speakers, DKD157
Item# MB DKD157

Product Description:

5x7" Discus-Line
The new Discus baskets use a combination of polyamide ABS composite reinforced with extremely short glass fibers to form the basket. The magnetic motor assembly is attached via a metal flange (another application of our BTT technology) that acts both as a cooling element and as a protective covering to seal out dirt, humidity and temperature fluctuations. Because the basket is non-metallic, non-magnetic and resonance- free, it becomes ideal for automotive loudspeaker applications.

  • 3 Year warrenty
  • Model DKD157
  • 2 Way
  • 35 - 90 Watt power rating
  • 4 Ohms
  • Sensitivity 90db
  • 60 - 32,000 Hz
  • Cross over at 4,500 Hz
  • Mounting Screws