H10 / 9145 Xenon Plasma 7500K Bulbs (42W) (SOLD IN SETS)

H10 / 9145 Xenon Plasma 7500K Bulbs (42W)
H10 / 9145 Xenon Plasma 7500K Bulbs (42W)
Item# H10-9145-XENON
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Product Description:

H10 / 9145 Xenon Plasma 7500K Bulbs (42W)
XENON replacement light bulb - Super performance 7500K H10 halogen automotive light bulb

XL XENON White super performance halogen automotive light bulb replacement/upgrade.

These high-quality and high-performance replacement halogen light bulbs are 100% manufactured to the strictest quality control standards.

 XENON EXTREME White bulbs are designed to create a brighter, crisper, and longer-lasting light through the use of the best combination of gases, including high purity Xenon.

While light output is increased, the current draw remains the same, so there is no risk of melted harnesses, sockets, wires, or short circuits, etc. No wiring modifications are necessary, making installation very simple.

The XENON XL EXTREME White Light Bulb line of high-quality and high-performance halogen light bulbs is designed as a direct fit replacement for your stock light bulbs.

  •  We have an array of sizes and color temperatures to fit your particular needs for lighting solutions.

    XENON White 7500K H10 halogen automotive replacement light bulb features:

  • High-performance
  • A brighter, crisper, longer-lasting light
  • Brighter light with same voltage output
  • No wiring modifications
Improve nighttime driving visibility.

Get the  H10 super performance halogen replacement automotive light bulb now.