Wedge Pak Original Damping

Dynamat Speaker/Door Kit Original
Dynamat Speaker/Door Kit Original
Item# 10125 Dynamat

Product Description:

Eliminate Speaker Distortion: In your car, applying Dynamat to flimsy sheet metal surrounding your speakers eliminates speaker distortion and stops vibration, rattles and squeaks. Your stereo will sound it's very best with Dynamat!
Kit contains one 18" x 32" piece of Dynamat Original for general use on rear decks, doors, floors and the trunk floors.

  • Part Number: # 10125
  • Name: Dynamat Wedge Pak
  • Contents: (1) 18"x 32" (1) 457mm x 812mm* pieces of Dynamat Original
  • Application:
    Use on rear decks, doors, floors and the floor of your trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and better sound.

    Increase Your Effective Amp Power: Why does your stereo sound louder when you pull off the freeway and come to a stop? Road noise robs much of the listenable portion of your music. At 70 mph, a typical automotive noise level of 85dB leaves you with ONLY 20dB of listenable music. Dynamat creates a sonic barrier restoring 3...6... even 12dB of lost dynamic range. Gaining 3dB is doubling your effective amplifier power.
    Getting Higher SPL(Sound Pressure Level): Stop your vehicle from vibrating and flexing! Sound Pressure Level(SPL) contestants literally push their body panels into dents during a competition. As the car body is pressurized, the body panels "balloon" and the SPL freeze up. Original DYNAMAT is the easiest, thinnest and lightest material for adding sound pressure reinforcement to your car body.