Clarion Wire Harness 16Pin Plugs into Radio

Stereo Wire Harness 16Pin  for Clarion
Stereo Wire Harness 16Pin for Clarion
Item# CL16-00Pin



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Plugs into Clarion Stereo - Great replacement

Wire Information Summary Below
Not all wires are always used so feel comfortable if you have some wires that are not needed -(most important):
RED (-Power 12v) / Black (-Ground) / Yellow (-Remote or Mem) /and Blue(-PowerAntenna)

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  • Red: 12 volt ignition (power)
  • Yellow: 12 volt Battery (memory wire)-
  • Black: Ground
  • Blue: Power Antenna
  • Blue/White: Amp Turn on/Remote Wire
  • Orange: Illumination
  • Orange/white: Dimmer
  • Gray/Black: Right Front - on speaker
  • White: Left Front + on Speaker
  • White/Black: Left Front - on Speaker
  • Violent: Right Rear + on speaker
  • Violent/Black: Right Rear - on speaker
  • Green: Left Rear + on Speaker
  • Green/Black: Left Rear - on Speaker