Works with CrimeStopper Alarms CS-2002, DC IV, and CS-865 RKE II

6 Button Remote w/ Flashlight LED
6 Button Remote w/ Flashlight LED
Item# cs-409tx

Product Description:

Replacement Remote Transmitter

  • 6-button blue "Flashlight" LED
  • 4 buttons on top, 2 buttons on the side

    1. Open Hood: NOTE- IF no Hood Safety pin swithc is installed then the Hood Pin wire on the control module must be manually grounded. Look for a thin Grey wire on Remote Start systems or look for a Blue wire on Combo Remote Start/ Alarm systems
    2. Turn key to the ON position (Ignition ON only, Do not start engine)
    3. Press the Valet/Program button 4xs then after a few seconds the parking lights should flash 4 times.
    4. Immediately press the Lock Button of the transmitter to be learned. You should get 2 light flashes confirming the system accepted the remote and it is now waiting for the next remote. The second remote should provide 3 flashes. Learn up to 4 remotes in this step.
    5. Turn key off, close hood (or un-round hood wire)