3 LED RED Motorcycle & Car Lights - Neon Glow from LEDS (Clear Case Design)

3 LED RED Motorcycle & Car Lights - Neon Glow from LEDS (Clear Case Design)
3 LED RED Motorcycle & Car Lights - Neon Glow from LEDS (Clear Case Design)



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Brand NEW Hyper 3 LED CLEAR LENSE Lights - Neon Glow N Street FX
Motorcycle Lights, Car Underbody, Boat, Golf Cart Lighting and More...
Built in a water tight (waterproof) clear LENSE - Smooth Flat Leds (No spotting)

3 way Mountable Leds:
Easily mount on the backside or either side surfaces.
Hyper bright LEDS for Neon Looks and cool lighting FX. You can use it in many applications as such:

Installation Tips:

  • Use on Motorcycles, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Go-Karts, Computers, Cars, Trucks, SUVS, RV's, Motor Homes, or anything you can think of.
    • Undercar / Underbody Lighting
    • Inside front grills
    • Under foot wells /  kick panels
    • Under wheel wells / behind rims
    • In the trunk
    • Under the hood / engine compartment
    • headlights - under / around / inside
    • Under the dash / inside gauge cluster

Benefits of using 12Volt LEDs vs Neon:

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) don't get hot like regular incandescent lamps or Neon, and only also use approx 2ma of Power.  

  • LED LIGHTS use so little power they can be used in computers.
  • Hyper LED technology., ISO 9001 - These are the brightest leds on the market. 
  • Make sure your leds are HYPER Bright.   
  • Leds typically last 100,000 hrs as opposed to neons at 30,000 hrs at best.  
  • Leds are not prone to weather, and are virtually indestructible.


  • Easy 2 Wire Installation
  • 200,000 hour life (22 years)
  • Voltage range 12-14 volts D.C.
  • Draw: less than 26mA @ 12 volts
  • 3-LED spreader comes with 3 LED bulbs mounted in a 16mm X 16mm X 53mm enclosure.
  • The LED bulbs inside the clear acrylic enclosure are laid in straight 90 degree.
  • Light is spread from the unique design clear lense and is magnified towards to the front.