24 Inch Red Flex LEDS - Led Stealth Light Strips - Waterproof Led Lighting

24 Inch Red Flex LEDS - Led Stealth Light Strips -
24 Inch Red Flex LEDS - Led Stealth Light Strips -
Item# 24REDFlX

Product Description:

Detailed Product Description


               24 inch SUPER FLEXIBLE LED STRIP WaterProof Lighting w/ 30 Individual Super Micro Leds

  • These are brighter than conventional LEDS - Smaller and Flexible

  • Can be used in Marine Applications

  • Stealth design for trick custom jobs

  • Motorcycle tweeking

  • Car and Suvs -

  • Make your own underbody kit, wheel well lighting, these will not break, and can flex in the tightest corners

  • Perfect for add on lighting.

  1) Continuous length flexible LED light strips 
  2) Waterproof & Flexible 
  3) Runs on 12-volt systems like CAR/MARINE or Solar cell charged batteries 
  4) Super bright SMD top LED 
  5) Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistant 
  6) Major reduction in power costs 
  7) 180-degree wide angle illumination 
  8) No RF interference 
  9) Maintenance free, with 3m adhesive tape on the back for easy installation 
 10) Long life: 100, 000+ hours (10+ years)  
 11) Low power consumption, high intensity

  • Car Lighting
  • Marine Lighting
  • Motorcycle Lighting
  • Architectural decorative lighting 
  • Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting
  • Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting 
  • Emergency hallway lighting 
  • Auditorium walkway lighting 
  • Stairway accent lighting 
  • Concealed lighting 
  • Backlighting for signage letters 
  • Channel letter lighting 
  • Emergency exit path lighting 
  • Cove lighting
  For example of effects Pictured is a 12" LED Light Bar & a Flexible LED Strip 24"
  • See how smooth the light shines
  • The Item being sold is the sleek Stealth Strip LED that is
     wrapped around the conventional Led Tube
  • The Newest Lighting effects in Auto and Marine is this Micro LED STRIP TECHNOLOGY.