24" Inch Green Car Neons - Neon Lighting

24" Inch Green Car Neons - Neon Lighting
Item# 24inGreen-Neon

Product Description:

Neon Accent kits give the chance to add a touch of class to your system by illuminating: Amp racks,  subwoofer boxes,  &  other components with the stylish glow of neon.

New 24 Inch Neon Light Rod

  • Temporary or permanent install.
  • 3/4" high impact resistant tube
  • Built-in transformer in the unit.
  • The color of the tube appears clear before it is powered

For Permanent Installations

  • Cut off cigarette lighter adapter
  • If one is Included
  • Connect wires to a toggle switch
  • [Toggles hide wires & are more secure]
  • Toggle Sold Separately
  • Connect a constant 12 volt power source to switch
  • Basic easy 2 wire Installation
  • [Positive + wire] to [Positive + Battery]
  • [Neg - wire] to [Neg - Battery]


Designed for interior use only.

Can be modified for exterior by using a clear silicone to seal and make waterproof - Clear Caulking found at any hardware store

Get noticed with these cool neon effects

Hooks up to any 12 volt power source
Use in Trunks & on Dash Boards
Line Truck Beds w/ Neon
Modify Motorcycles
Great effects for SUV's
Spice up  Mini Van's
With a Special 12 volt power supply
(Use these in your home)

Create Stunning Neon Light Effects in:

Cars Trucks
Boats RVs
Motorcycles Computers