1 Farad Red Capacitor 1.0 Digital

1.0 Digital Farad Red Capacitor  2003 Model
1.0 Digital Farad Red Capacitor 2003 Model
Item# aared1

Product Description:

Crank up your amp -
AA 1.0 Farad Capacitor Digital LED - 1.0 Farad Cap

New in the box American Stiffening Cap(1.0 Farad )

A must for any car with after market amplifiers.
For systems up to 1,000 Watts

American Accessories
1,000,000 mfd Storage Capacitor
  • Current stabilizing (stiffening) cap
  • 1,000,000 mfd (1.0 Farad)
  • Feeds Amp RAW power
  • Provides stable Power
  • LED voltage display with relay
  • Blue Power on LED
  • Operating Temperature: 95C (200F)
  • 10-24 volts
  • Platinum finish
  • 24kt gold plated terminals
  • Mounting brackets included

    Retails for $189

    Save your Alternator

  • Your car alternator can't supply power to your headlights, break lights, ac, heater, wipers and your large amp all at the same time. That sweet amp you just installed needs all the power it can get. If you headlights are dimming when the bass hits you need a capacitor. You will get improved power to your amp, hitting cleaner and louder notes.