12 Inch Blue LED Lights - LEDS tube

12 Inch Blue LED Light Tube - Brighter than Neons
12 Inch Blue LED Light Tube - Brighter than Neons
Item# 12BluLED

Product Description:

LED Light Rods - Newer than Neons
Led technology has individual LEDs
Newest replacement for Neons - w/ Chase Effect

  • Multi-Use Lighting-
    (Can be used for undercar lighting)
  • Works with any 12 volt power source.
  • Separate Cigarette plug adapter included,
  • Plastic end caps Match the color of the LED's
  • Variable speed pattern w/ [ built in switch]
    {2 variables - solid and chase - swichable}
  • Transformer built in
  • Interior or Exterior Use.
  • Double Sided sticky pads for simple mounting options
  • Less then 1/2 amp draw
  • LEDs are clear when off
  • Brighter than NEON -
  • Newest Technology for 2004
Additional Info about LED Technology: LEDs vs NEON Tubes!

LEDs are brighter then NEONs LED's Last longer & Less likely to break
Can Last up to 11years w/ continuous use Individual LEDS work separate to prevent blank spots
LEDs are not effected by cold weather.  Can be used under the car -
Can be added with Current Neon Setup Has 2 way switch - Chase / Full beam
Extra Benefits:
  • Enhanced Lighting effect when used w/light dancer
  • (Looks like a mixers LED effect w/gain
  • Lights up like an EQ during musical peaks)