MAZDA B-SERIES TRUCK 98 1998 For Factory Radio Install : Wire Harness Plugs into Original Stock OE Car Stereo

For Factory Radio Install : Wire Harness Plugs into Original Stock OE Car Stereo
Item# FWH-x597_00_0_2-MAZDA-B-SERIES TRUCK-1998
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MAZDA B-SERIES TRUCK 98 1998 For Factory Radio Install : Wire Harness Plugs into Original Stock OE Car Stereo><center>MAZDA B-SERIES TRUCK 98 1998 For Factory Radio Install : Wire Harness Plugs into Original Stock OE Car Stereo<p>Main Function : RE-Installing a Stock Radio Back into Car without OE Radio Plug<p>Some shops cut when attempting: Factory Head Unit to Aftermarket Install (without proper parts)<li> Car radio plug end been cut off or missing? This is a replacementplug for your car wiring <li>Useful when moving the factory car radio into a workshop, garage, boat, golf cart or custom 12 volt system <li>This wiring harness connects into your factory radio in the back of the Plug Port <li><i>OEM Radio Plugs areknown as Reverse or Stock Radio Harnesses </i><li>Our wire harness is AIAA industry standard - E.I.A color coded <li>Vehicle specific Wiring diagrams available - Please message <li>These are the same plugs that quality install shops use everyday but charge much more<p><h3><a href= truck.html> <img src=> </a><p></h3><br><img src= height=200><p>COMMON USES:<p><b> 1) RE-PLACING HEAD-UNIT BACK TO STOCK</b><p> (USUALLY WHEN INSTALL SHOP OR THIEF CUTS FACTORY HARNESS)<p><b> 2) RE-LOCATING STOCK RADIO INTO OTHER VEHICLE</b><p> (PART IS NEEDED TO QUICKLY CONNECT STOCK HEADUNIT TO ANOTHERCAR) <br><img src= height=200></div></div><br clear="all" /></div></div><div id="finaltext"><hr font color=red><p><font color=white><p><a 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